Don’t know why I ever changed your name on my phone and always get so defensive, I love you so much.

The old us.

But loving me doesn’t mean wanting to try single. Single isn’t anything fun. It hurts. You have no one to watch over you, support you, love you, talk to you in time of need, 2 weeks can show a lot about a person. When I was single and you needed help I wasn’t there, no I’m here for good but only if you want me and only me. Not have this feeling that single might be what you want. Cause you don’t. I know you. Your biggest fear is being alone, and being single is practically that. Honestly. There were some nights where I didn’t hear a single thing from someone when I was single. You say alone is a cold word but single is colder. Or whatever you said. Yeah you don’t worry about hurting someone else but at least at the end of the day you know that other half is there, cause Christ I promised I’d be there for good. I don’t know why you have this feeling. Yeah you’ve never been single but you’re not missing out. I know I’ve caused a lot of problems but shit, call me an asshole and all that if I haven’t been making you happy or at least treat you right. Me being single I’d be taken away from an awesome family, an awesome home, awesome relaxing spot, you’d be taken away from nothing that great. But whatever. Think what you want.

No clue how to handle this.

She’s my girl.

Could you stop.

I just want my girl, to come over, and do nothing but lay with me.

Parking lot, crying, and rain. Lord help.

Honestly, she’s been with me for a year. Do you really need to talk to my girlfriend everyday? Lol whatever.

I really, really don’t want temporary.


I just started feeling better and now I hear voices and thoughts again, maybe I can sleep it off.

You deserve so much, you deserve happiness and friends and an amazing boyfriend, hopefully that’ll always be me, you deserve all the things you want.

Feels good to know you’re wanted and loved, I knew it all along I guess I was just blind and dumb lol.

A shooting star…I wished a great wish, thank you up there. Thank you.

I want my girl back, wanting me like she used to, and being able to talk to me. I miss my girl.