You deserve so much, you deserve happiness and friends and an amazing boyfriend, hopefully that’ll always be me, you deserve all the things you want.

Feels good to know you’re wanted and loved, I knew it all along I guess I was just blind and dumb lol.

A shooting star…I wished a great wish, thank you up there. Thank you.

I want my girl back, wanting me like she used to, and being able to talk to me. I miss my girl.

It’s not me anymore, it’s you. If you want me in your life prove it.

Holy fuck I miss you.

I better be ranked number one boyfriend.

Now the only thing I’m worried about is me saying I’d be okay with being friends, I don’t want that but I won’t worry.

I hope you come home wanting nothing but me and my kisses.

Choices, can lead to a lot of things.

That feeling

The feeling where you lay on your bed and tell yourself, fuck everything, I wish you were here.

I miss you.

You mean so fucking much to me, I treat you like a princess, you’re my inspiration for everything. You make me happy and so fucking pissed so quickly. Why the hell did this happen to us. We were perfect, why do we keep on fighting. Do you really not have the same spark? The same feeling. I love you, with all my heart, you love me so much but sometimes it’s like you could give two shits about me. And sometimes I feel like I hold you back from you’re true happiness to the point where I think you’re better off without me. I know I hate when people make you happy but it’s because I don’t want you wanting them more than me. Sometimes I feel like I’m you’re everything and sometimes I feel like I’m just another guy. I don’t want to hurt you but I need to vent and no one hears me out correctly. You’re the best thing in my life. I’m crying in front of my family making this text. I want you and I for the rest of our lives but I want you happy, even without me. Please just try and tell me flat out what you want because I am so god damn confused. I hate it. I’m sad that this happened to us. Every fucking summer it’s like this, and I’m not surprised if you hate me. I love you though, always will, and if something does happen I won’t talk shit or anything, I’ll just either wait, or I’ll just realize you’re better without me and just watch over you.

Only human.


Still scared but not as much.